When we last checked in with Sunni she had just started resistance training. Resistance is all about strengthening and two weeks ago she had started by performing rowing motion with TheraBands.

So how has she been doing? She’s doing great and her recovery is progressing at the proper pace. With each passing day she has more capability and with more capability comes more satisfaction. “Some of the exercises involved diagonal/cross moves and it felt like I was just going through the motions. It’s what I have needed to do but it’s hardly exciting. But now the great thing is I’m back to resistance training so that makes me happy.”

In life, when we are first learning to do something we start out slowly and gradually work our way up (or at least that’s how we should be doing it), becoming more proficient along the way. In physical therapy it’s no different than learning and progressing in any other life pursuit. As we have witnessed so far Sunni started out with passive range of motion work, progressed into isometrics where she began re-establishing range of motion in a passive environment, and eventually progressed into resistance, which is when we last saw her.

Well, she’s still in the resistance phase which is to say that she is still building up strength. She started with light resistance using TheraBands. During these two weeks she has been working on different planes of motion, and slowly but surely adding weight and working on different areas affected by the surgery. Now, she has reached the point where she has begun work on her bicep … and this is big because, if you remember, her surgical procedure was a Biceps Tenodesis.

In passing someone the other day asked “Why is she still doing work with bands after two weeks?” well, it’s because she, like any other patient, is gradually working at the proper pace to develop a healthy recovery instead of rushing it which is more harmful than not.

Patience and steady work is what it’s all about.

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