Aquatic Therapy Featuring HydroWorx

Our HydroWorx 2000 Aquatic Therapy Pool offers the ultimate in aquatic rehabilitation and conditioning. HydroWorx pools feature an underwater treadmill, adjustable pool floor and depth, plus resistance therapy jets. Aquatic therapy with HydroWorx offers the fastest path to rehabilitation and superior conditioning.

The HydroWorx pool is ideal for chronic pain relief for conditions such as back pain, hip/knee pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. It is also superior for post-operative rehabilitation for total knee replacement, total hip replacement, ACL repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and more.

It works by utilizing the body’s buoyancy, at variable depths, to reduce body weight, allowing patients or athletes who are unable to exercise on land achieve immediate rehabilitative results.

Utilized by the elite of the world in professional athletics, universities, and medical centers, you can now experience HydroWorx aquatic therapy and conditioning at Pinamonti Physical Therapy and Wellness Center.

Pinamonti Wellness Center also utilizes our HydroWorx Pool for athletic conditioning and training as well as our popular group fitness classes.

Learn more about the HydroWorx 2000 Aquatic Therapy Pool and their full range of products by visiting their site here.

And be sure to check out HydroWorx’s Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Therapy here.

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Important Information For Aquatic Therapy Patients

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