Aquatic Therapy For Professionals

Static Balance

This study, conducted at Utah State University, compared static balance and limits of stability (LOS) in an aquatic environment … Learn More>

Lactate Threshold

This study, conducted at Utah State University, was designed to compare if the lactic acid that builds up in your blood stream … Learn More>


This study, conducted at Utah State University, examined the acute effects of aquatic and land treadmill exercise on gait kinematics as … Learn More>

Strength Gains

This study at Texas A&M University was conducted in order to explore the differences in soreness, inflammation … Learn More>

ACL Recovery

This study assessed if rehabilitation in an aquatic environment is ideal during all phases of ACL recovery post surgery. Participants in the … Learn More>


Conducted at Texas A&M University, this study explored the benefits of underwater treadmill exercise training programs by … Learn More>

Active Adults

This study at the University of Wisconsin was conducted to assess the health benefits of hydrotherapy in active adults. Learn More>


This University of Idaho study investigated the cardiorespiratory responses elicited during maximal-effort protocols using an … Learn More>

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