Time flies. It was only four weeks ago that Sunni had surgery on her right shoulder and it only seems like it … well, actually, it seems like it was four weeks ago. (And you thought I was going to write that it only seems like yesterday. Sorry, no sense of time compression going on here … only hard work.)

And speaking of hard work, with this the fourth week of her rehab, Sunni’s improving at a great pace and entering the next phase of her physical therapy which introduces resistance training.

The resistance training phase is all about strengthening. Sunni will start with light resistance and over time will progress as we add resistance, different planes of motion, and more reps. But for now, as seen in the picture above, Sunni is starting out performing a row with TheraBands.

As for Sunni’s sense of impatience, which we mentioned last week, it has diminished some as she is now performing moves on her own, in an active state instead of a passive one. And as anyone who knows Sunni is aware she is all about active and anything but passive.

This level of physical therapy service isn’t only available to our staff, all of our patients receive the same level of attention. So call Pinamonti Physical Therapy for your appointment today. No doctor referral necessary.