If we were to take a multiple choice quiz and one of the questions was “Why did you join a gym?” you might see something like this:

A: To lose weight
B: Medical reasons / to improve my health
C: To keep up with my lifestyle
D: To get proper guidance and access to the best trainers and equipment
E: Access to awesome group fitness classes
F: All of the above

Rarely do we engage in something for only one reason, and for Stephanie White the answer would be “F”. And often, our original reason for doing something like, oh say, joining a fitness center, grows and changes as we do.

“I was interested in the new Pinamonti facility because classes were included in the membership and joined originally to lose weight.” In addition, Stephanie had learned that she had early signs of degenerative disc disease in her back. “I had become sedentary in my lifestyle and had constant aches and pain. I knew that my weight was effecting my hips, back, and knees. I realized that I could not keep living this sedentary lifestyle without doing more damage to myself physically.”

So Stephanie joined Pinamonti Fitness Center.

“When I started at Pinamonti I was open with the fitness trainers about my physical issues and I love the fact that they listened and made accommodations to the exercises so that I would not injure or cause more pain on my joints. All of the trainers I have experienced at the center are very knowledgeable. In all the group fitness classes I took the trainers showed me how to make adjustments to every exercise to fit my fitness level. The trainers and staff are so professional and every time I’ve had a concern or question there has always been someone to help out.  The facilities are great and I love the fact that there are so many different options when it comes to classes or just working out on my own.  Every class I’ve ever taken I have thoroughly enjoyed!  At Pinamonti I feel that they can accommodate any person on any fitness level!”

And it has worked. Stephanie lost weight and has strengthened her body to the point that she now works out five days a week using our Delta Program.

“After joining the wellness center and using the technology of the Wellness App I feel that it has made it easier to incorporate exercise into my day. Having the Wellness App on my phone makes it very convenient for me to go in and do my workout in a timely and effective manner.  I need structure to my workouts and as long as I have the workouts on my phone it gives me no excuse not to get my workout done.”

In addition to weight loss and strengthening, Stephanie has more energy which has improved her quality of life and made it easier to meet the demands of her work. “I’m motivated by trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for my family and my job. I’ve been teaching for 27 years and the last 25 have been spent teaching Kindergarten. I want to be able to keep up with my students and all the physical demands that entails.”

Plus, becoming involved in a fitness plan has taught Stephanie important lessons. “Listen to your body. Try to push yourself without injuring yourself. Even though my workouts may seem challenging and I felt I could not complete them I learned to get past those mental blocks and persevere.”

Getting past mental blocks and persevering. That’s what it’s all about, and we applaud Stephanie on her discipline and steadfastness in constantly working toward her goals and improving herself. Well done Stephanie!