A few weeks ago we posted a blog piece that was an introduction to Aquatic Therapy.

As the only physical therapy clinic in the area with a HydroWorx 2000 aquatic therapy pool Pinamonti Wellness Center’s Physical Therapy Clinic is uniquely positioned to offer rehabilitative services that no other facility in the area can.

This week we would like to focus on some of the benefits of aquatic therapy and highlight the experience of one of our patients who is now a member at our fitness center.

About three years ago Susie Taylor had suffered a torn meniscus in two places and had the added fun of the cartilage partially shredding. Her doctor suggested partial knee replacement but Susie wasn’t keen on surgery and wanted to try building up the muscles around the knee. This proved to be fairly successful for a while, about three years actually, thanks in part to exercising in our aquatic therapy pool.  Exercising in the pool allowed for buoyancy to take weight off of her knee while still allowing for range of motion exercises, exercises she would not have been able to perform outside of an aquatic environment.

Susie attributes her ability to do well without surgery to her aquatic exercises, but time marches on (no pun intended) and as a result, to fully recover, Susie would eventually need knee surgery.

Susie underwent pre-operative aquatic therapy at the beginning of this year to prepare her for surgery.  Because of her pre-op therapy she was able to maintain range of motion and build up strength with little to no pain – something she would not have been able to accomplish via land based exercises.  After her surgery aquatic therapy allowed her to start her therapy earlier than she would otherwise, and it helped hasten her recovery.

To quote HydroWorx: “Clinical studies have proven the benefits of exercise in a warm water environment when recovering from knee surgery. A recent study by Drs. Mary Sanders and Daryl Lawson concluded that “an aquatic environment may be ideal during all phases of ACL rehabilitation post surgery.” Particularly following an intensive procedure, the added buoyancy of an aquatic environment relieves pressure on sensitive joints as they recover, allowing patients to slowly rebuild their strength through directed exercises.

During recovery from procedures typically performed on patients with osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions, such as a total knee replacement, the positive effects are even more pronounced.”

And did it work?  Well, we’ll let Susie tell you, “… I am doing great!  I no longer have a limp. I am taking the Live Well class two times a week, Aerobics class two times a week, and Water Exercise class two times a week. Life is good!”

If you are about to have joint replacement surgery, or have recently had it, aquatic therapy at Pinamonti Physical Therapy may be perfect for you.  Aquatic Therapy is also helpful for a number of other conditions such as low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, COPD, and more. Call us to learn more.