Running, like life, leads you along a path. Sometimes it takes you where you anticipated going and sometimes it takes you someplace different. We all have our reasons for taking the path we take. In Kelli Gaddy’s case it started by joining our Pinamonti Run club and eventually along a path that took her further than she originally intended.

Kelli, already a running enthusiast, took up the practice after her mother, also a runner, was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her mother’s condition prevented her from running and severely limited her ability to exercise. It was because of this that Kelli became motivated to run and stay physically fit. 

About a year and a half ago Kelli began participating in Pinamonti Run. It was during her time with P-Run that she observed several of her fellow runners making great gains with the training, weight work, and group fitness classes that they took at Pinamonti Fitness Center. 

So in June of 2017 Kelli became a member of the Fitness Center. Her goals were not just to improve her running times, but to also improve her overall health.

“My family has a very high incidence of heart disease and high blood pressure. My life career choice as an RN, and with the aging process, I decided it was time to take the personal action and responsibility of my physical and mental health.” 

And take responsibility she did, participating in every type of workout she could that involved total body strength and cardio. In addition Kelli takes advantage of our group fitness classes such as our HIIT Fusion class, MetCon, and others, all while still participating in P-Run.

She works out every day and has found additional benefits in doing so, such as decreasing stress and having worked herself into being in the best shape of her life.

The Wellness Center also provides additional motivation through our staff as well as the friends she has made here. 

“They are amazing trainers. Each offers their own personal touch to help you with your physical transformation. I’ve also made many friends here who also keep me motivated. It’s like a small family. Family brings strength, love, support, and helps us realize our abilities and live out and accomplish our individual goals and dreams.”

Growth and realizing dreams is something Kelli has done in a big way.

“In the time I have joined I have completed a half-marathon, marathon, and on February 3rd I competed my first ultra-marathon of 52.6 miles.”

Impressive, to say the least, which is why Kelli Gaddy is our featured member of the month.