He became a member the very first week we opened. He’s the walking (or rather “running”) definition of dedication and loyalty. He works out for two and a half hours each session, usually three times a week. It is not time spent somewhat idly, and it’s not time without structure or purpose. It’s two and a half hours of a well planned program that has him reach short term goals as well as keep him on track to reach his long term goals. It is determination and discipline, it is impressive to say the least, and it is why Jim Martino is our current featured member.

Goals are essential to reach your objective. Jim’s goal when joining was to maintain his health and to get into even better shape than he already was in. Additionally, he wanted to increase his running in terms of frequency and distance. Jim’s goals focus on his future. “I want to maintain a state of fitness into my senior years, to be able to live a full and happy life.”  Talking to Jim would make you think he’s reached his senior years. “Now that I’m old (68) it’s just what I do.”  If years dictate whether we are “senior” or not, one might be able to make an argument that 68 is in that category, but if one’s state of fitness is the qualifier, then Jim is far from being “old”.  He’s in amazing shape and continues to work hard to main his state of fitness. “I run and then I do weights. I work out three times a week for two-and-a-half hours each time.” 

Jim is proof that the quality of one’s movement affects the quality of one’s life.  Jim proves that movement is not only about life, it’s also enjoyable.  It’s the reason he has remained a member all these years, “…going to Pinamonti is one of my favorite activities.”