Your habits determine your health!  It’s that simple. If you can change your habits, you can change your health. Realize this, we are either healthy or unhealthy. Which are you? Don’t sugar coat your answer, we can justify everything these days and we usually do. Change only happens when you are totally honest with yourself and have endured enough pain to really commit to change. Habits are tough to change, but with the right mindset anything is possible. 

Today we have numerous opportunities available to improve our health. Apps have taken up most of the storage on our devices and we can download one for just about anything and everything. Fitness centers are on almost every corner these days, kinda like Starbucks. Access to the best healthcare systems in the entire world can be found minutes from where we live. With that being said, why are we so unhealthy and so medicated? Well, as stated above, our habits shape our health. Our food has become more nutrient deficient and more processed. Another reason for our decline in health has to do with our lifestyles. We spend way too much time sitting and getting lost in the abyss of the internet of things. Technology has improved our lives more than we could have ever imagined and will continue to shape how we interact and live. However, being all consumed on every platform prevents us from being as productive as we could potentially become. An app will not sweat for you. That smart watch will not put in the work just because it is on your wrist. Just having a gym membership won’t burn calories or take that amazing class for you. You have to use it. And even in the analog world your fork will not deliver only healthy food to your mouth! In order to be healthy you must put in the work and create healthy habits. Find what habits work for you and your lifestyle. Your successful habits will be different from someone else’s. If you are unsure what to change, ask someone for help.

The successful execution of your decisions takes discipline and good habits. You get the picture, right? We are all looking for that perfect app, that perfect diet, that perfect gym, that perfect influencer on social media, that perfect anything to motivate us!  Well, keep looking, because there is no perfect solution. Motivation will only be temporary. Disciplined action through strong habits will be the only way to successfully transform you health. Your health is up to YOU! You must put in the sweat and the time. Tension over time equals change. The perfect solution is YOU! You must replace all the negatives in your life with positive actions. Do the work and find a community or tribe of like minded individuals to help guide you on your path to health and wellness. Make the change begin, and embrace the healthy lifestyle of your creation. Everyone has different goals and those goals will change as we age. Therefore, we must take time to assess our health regularly. Self-assessment will be time well spent in creating lasting change. There will never be one solution or correct way that works for everyone. Therefore, don’t let yourself be caught beating yourself up by comparing yourself to what others are doing. Do what works for you and keep improving the process. Small wins daily will add up to long term success. You must never stop learning. We have so much information at our fingertips, so use it daily to improve. You can do it.

Photo by Manan Chhabra on Unsplash