A couple of weeks ago there was a note on my desk from our company President. It listed the name of one of our members and after the name was written “Serious dedication, great attitude, positive outlook,” all of which are traits that the boss admires and all of which are essential to achieve positive results. And if Mr. Pinamonti (seriously, we never really call him that but it looks good on the screen so there it is) takes notice and specifically requests someone for Featured Member of the Month, then you know that the effort that member is putting in is serious.

Which brings us to Gerry Kramer, the aforementioned member with serious dedication, great attitude, and a positive outlook. In addition he is also the perfect example of what hard work and lifestyle choices can do for you, especially after you’ve dealt with serious health issues.

Back in 2013 Gerry had undergone major surgery. During his recovery he experienced difficulty walking and climbing stairs.  After a few years of putting up with those limitations he became a patient at our physical therapy clinic in the summer of 2016. The following September he became a member of our fitness center, taking advantage of our transitional physical therapy membership gateway.

Gerry’s initial goals when joining the fitness center were to improve his flexibility, balance, and to gain strength. Those goals would prove to be modest given how far he has actually come, because once he got started, he never looked back. Gerry credits the excellent attention, care, and dedication of our physical therapy clinicians, as well as our trainers at the fitness center, for getting and keeping him motivated.  “Jennifer (one of our physical therapists) was patient and motivating during therapy, and Sunni (one of our fitness trainers) has also been patient and has taught me new ways to look at exercise.”  As a result he took to working out in a big way.  “Since mid-September I have worked out a minimum of five times a week and often have exercised six and even seven times a week.”  At the time of this writing Gerry has worked out 220 times since joining just shy of a year ago. Serious dedication indeed.

And it is dedication that has paid off.  “Working out has improved my physical well-being as well as providing emotional and social benefits. I am more mellow from my workouts.”

Mellow is good. We view it as an expression of the collective benefits – the serious dedication, great attitude, and positive outlook – that commitment to wellness as a lifestyle bring.

Our motto at Pinamonti Wellness Center is “Movement is Life”.  It is through movement that we better our condition and our overall wellbeing. Gerry is a prime example of how moving, and his dedication to it, has effected a positive change. It can do the same for you.

Movement is life.  Join the movement.