Some Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

A few weeks ago we posted a blog piece that was an introduction to Aquatic Therapy. As the only physical therapy clinic in the area with a HydroWorx 2000 aquatic therapy pool Pinamonti Wellness Center’s Physical Therapy Clinic is uniquely positioned to offer rehabilitative services that no other facility in the area can.This week we [...]

Sleep – An Important Part of Training

You’re working out a lot, cranking it for all it’s worth. You’re intense. It’s almost like you’re going 24/7. You don’t have time for sleep because you’re just too damn intense! Heck, there’s even the theme from Rocky playing in your head when you’re working out because that’s how awesome you are. And with so [...]

Aquatic Therapy – An Introduction

In a special section of our building, behind a seriously cool looking glass wall is what appears to be a small swimming pool.  It’s about  8’ x 12’, certainly not the type of pool you would do laps in. In fact it’s not a swimming pool at all. The rectangle of water the size [...]

The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know About!

Diets. We’ve all either tried at least one or know someone who has. It may have been some new fad diet, a diet that’s been around in one form or another for years (whether it’s effective or not), some absurd diet endorsed by some popular celebrity, or something that requires magical natural supplements available in [...]

The Right Pace At The Right Time

When we last checked in with Sunni she had just started resistance training. Resistance is all about strengthening and two weeks ago she had started by performing rowing motion with TheraBands. So how has she been doing? She’s doing great and her recovery is progressing at the proper pace. With each passing day she [...]

Amy and Brad McGown Make Healthier Choices and do Delta

Meet Amy and Brad McGown, our Members of the Month for July. When they joined Pinamonti Wellness Center they had one goal, to get in better shape and be healthy. Okay, that may sound like two goals, but the two go together so it counts as one. “We both realized we needed to improve our [...]

Sunni Starts Resistance

Time flies. It was only four weeks ago that Sunni had surgery on her right shoulder and it only seems like it … well, actually, it seems like it was four weeks ago. (And you thought I was going to write that it only seems like yesterday. Sorry, no sense of time compression going on [...]

Sunni Sans Sling

It’s been about three and a half weeks since Sunni had her shoulder surgery. Almost four weeks actually. Or something like that. I mean, let’s be real here, this blog does not present minute by minute updates in real time, which is a good thing. When we last posted Sunni was beginning Phase 1 passive [...]

Sunni’s Physical Therapy Begins

Last week we covered the type of surgery Sunni had and observed the interesting effects of post-surgical pharmacological pain management (such as lots of smiling).  After 5 days it was time for Sunni’s physical therapy sessions to begin. And, just in case some of our readers may not be aware of what physical therapy [...]

Sunni’s Surgical Adventure

Previously on “Sunni’s Shoulder Surgery and Recovery”, a title which isn’t as alliterative as we would have liked, but it will do … an old high school injury had finally caught up with Sunni and required surgery. “I was having a lot of popping and grinding and pain. It caused me to overcompensate any [...]