Meet Amy and Brad McGown, our Members of the Month for July.

When they joined Pinamonti Wellness Center they had one goal, to get in better shape and be healthy. Okay, that may sound like two goals, but the two go together so it counts as one.

“We both realized we needed to improve our overall lifestyle and make healthier choices. It is definitely something we are actively making improvements on and physical activity is a focus. We have 2 daughters that we want to set an example for and be around for as much as their lives as possible.”

Prior to joining Pinamonti Fitness both were running regularly, Amy outside and Brad on their treadmill in the basement.

Basements are dreary places. A basement with a treadmill doubly so. And if you want to get in better shape and be healthier by doing the treadmill in a basement thing it’s rather like saying, “I’m going to launch this rocket to the moon using an old rubber band that I found in the kitchen drawer … I think it’s been there since the 70s.” Seems plausible, but it’s not likely. As for running outside, hey, we’re all for it. We do it ourselves, except when the weather isn’t optimal, like this past April when we had more rain than we’ve had in the past 750 centuries. It’s months like April that make one yearn for an indoor track, or a facility with a large collection of Technogym equipment – both of which, among other things, we just happen to have. So Amy and Brad joined Pinamonti Fitness Center where they could have a place to workout regardless of the weather and to put as much distance between themselves and their basement as possible.

And work out they have. A lot. And with each visit to the fitness center they get closer to their goals. Amy and Brad also tried the wide array of classes in our Group Fitness Program. Their schedules, unfortunately, did not always allow them to take the classes they wanted. In addition they desired to really take their workouts up a notch. The solution was our Delta Program, a technology based program that maximizes your results, and the beauty of it is it fits your schedule, not the other way around. Delta is dynamic, it’s tough, and it will push you beyond what you thought you were capable of, but it’s worth the effort, as Amy and Brad soon discovered.

“We both joined Delta in January 2017, we were both in a “rut” with exercising and were looking for guidance. Since starting Delta, we have both used much of the gym areas and equipment that we would not have used otherwise. We both love it because it tells us exactly what to do each day, focusing on different areas of the body. Sunni and Janie are also really helpful when we have questions or when they observe that we may not be doing an exercise correctly. In the beginning our main focus and motivation was to lose weight, however, as time has progressed, we have both noticed feeling healthier, more confident, stronger, and our clothes fitting better, so those things have become our focus, and the weight will come off naturally over time.”

Amy and Brad have come a considerable way since starting and are enthusiastically embracing a healthier lifestyle and working hard toward expanding and reaching their goals. They have inspired us and we could not be more proud of their success.