Why do you exercise? Or more importantly, if you don’t, then why DON’T you exercise?

When you don’t exercise the reasons are almost always excuses. When you do exercise you are motivated to do so. This is the reason, or reasons, why we exercise. What motivates one person does not necessarily motivate another, which begs the question:

What is your why?

When you determine your why, things fall into place, excuses disappear, and you begin to focus on your desired outcome. In order to effectively design your fitness lifestyle you must throw excuses out the window and realize that excuses only work for the people who use them.

You must FOCUS to be FIT! You must COMMIT to being FIT!

Being fit is not something you do 1 or 2 days a week. Being fit is not something you do the first 6 weeks of every year after you make your New Year’s Resolution. Being fit is not something you do part-time. Being fit is something you do every day! Being fit is surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Being fit is educating yourself about nutrition, cardiovascular fitness, and weight training. Being fit is staying motivated to design your life around your health and well-being. Being fit is a Lifestyle. Being fit is for everyone!

Why do you want to be FIT?

Is it to lose those unwanted pounds? Are you training for a particular sport, competition, or race? Are you training to have more energy? Are you training because you are tired of being tired all of the time? Are you training for a vacation or reunion? What is your why?

There is a saying that Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. That saying could not be more true when designing your lifestyle. You must Plan. Plan your day, plan your meals, plan your workouts, and plan your recovery. Planning helps you focus and stay motivated. Planning gives you a blueprint of your day, week, or month. Having a blueprint to follow will give you less excuses for not following through with your training plan.

If your are not properly planning every aspect of your lifestyle then you are planning to fail!

By making daily training part of your routine you will see how attainable your fitness goals can be. Not planning to exercise everyday gives you a way out. Don’t take the easy way out. The easy way out will never improve your lifestyle or fitness. You cannot exercise part-time and expect to see positive results. Remember, if being fit were easy everyone would be fit, but we already know that 65% of the US population is anything but FIT!

Ask yourself, What is my why? What is holding me back? What must happen in my life in order to motivate me to change my lifestyle? Challenge yourself to become Pinamonti Fit! Be apart of our community. Let us motivate you. Let us educate you on the benefits of a full-time fitness plan. Let us assist you in designing your lifestyle around FITNESS!

Are you Pinamonti Fit?