You’ve undoubtedly heard us say, repeatedly, that “movement plus dedication equals change” and our featured member, Todd Mosburg, is the embodiment of that.

Todd joined Pinamonti Wellness Center five years ago, shortly after we opened. He saw our facility as a perfect fit, “It’s a professional gym that would help me reach my fitness goals,” and Todd’s goals are clear, “My expectations were and still are to be in the best physical shape possible.”  And while his goals are direct and clearly stated, that is not to say they are easy to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve one’s goals, as Todd’s schedule and mindset demonstrate.  “I train 7 days a week. If Im out of town I may only get 6 days. No days off!” As for what motivates him, it’s the world around him, “Im motivated by the world we live in. It can be harsh. It’s important to stay strong.”

Todd also knows the importance of community, to be around like minded people like himself who are focused on improving their health and wellness through movement. “I surround myself with those members whom have the same goals. They hold me accountable as do I them. I missed a few days once, by day 3 I got a text asking if I was ok. Accountability is key!”  All that hard work, as well as being among a like minded supportive community, has paid off.  “Since joining Pinamonti I’ve made tremendous gains in my overall physical fitness. Love the P!”

Thanks Todd! We think you’re awesome too, which is why you are our featured member!