Working out is no different than life. In fact they are one in the same. If you are not willing to Put In The Work then you will never achieve the results you desire. How many times have you admired someone’s physique or maybe how successful they are? We all have done this. We may think “He/she is so lucky”, or “They have it so easy!”.  But the results we admire did not come easy. Results are not achieved without Putting In The Work.

Why do fad diets never work?  Why do diet pills never work?  Why do “five-minute a day” exercise programs never work?”  They don’t work because they don’t require real effort. They don’t require us to Put In The Work!

Another New Year is upon us. Let’s make this year the year we all Put In The Work! Consistency is half the battle so get to the gym daily. If you are just starting out don’t worry about an elaborate workout routine, just get to the gym and do what your body feels like doing. The important thing is to get to the gym. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to achieve results.  Be grateful that you have the opportunity to Put In The Work!