In the internet universe, quotes, more times than not, are wrongly attributed to someone. Any time you’re surfing the web you will inevitability come across a picture of a famous historical person with a quote, something they supposedly said, but did not. The quotes are either misquoted, wrongly attributed, or worse (and most often) entirely made-up nonsense. The sources of such quotes tend to focus on Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and quite often Albert Einstein.
So why am I bringing up misquotations/made-up quotes in a blog about wellness? Because I am about to use one of these quotes that is attributed to Einstein. Did he actually say it? Probably not, but it’d be cool if he did. It sounds like he might have said it, but chances are he didn’t.  I’m pointing this out ahead of time so I don’t get a slew of emails informing me that Einstein probably didn’t say this. I already know that so step away from the keyboard and take just a minute to enjoy a quote that is true regardless of its source. Pretend for a moment that Einstein uttered it at one time or another, something which would make this all the more cool because it ties into the subject of this week’s blog entry.
Here’s what Einstein supposedly said:
“Nothing happens until something moves.”
Forget quantum physics, in the world of wellness and fitness this quote represents the very foundation of what leads to positive results, to health, to a better life.
And it just so happens that our company motto ties into this. Our motto is:
“Movement is life.”
Movement is the key to improved health, strength, and even improved brain function. At our fitness center working cardio, weights, and partaking of our numerous group fitness classes will help your body and mind in numerous ways. Movement aids in the function of your heart and lungs which improves your endurance. It helps improve your immune system and  increases blood flow which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
The sedentary lifestyle which is so prevalent today can be linked to over 35 diseases and conditions “… including obesity, hypertension, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease and depression” according to the Mayo Clinic.
Movement, exercise, and adopting an active lifestyle can help prevent these and more. At Pinamonti Wellness Center we firmly believe and that a life of wellness, of adding movement to your lifestyle will improve your health and wellbeing.  We not only believe it, we live it.
Movement creates a better you.
Movement creates a healthier you.
Movement is life. 
Join the movement.