In one of his first blog pieces on our website Brian Pinamonti wrote, “True fitness is a lifestyle of unwavering commitment, a lifestyle that focuses on the ultimate goal, which is your health and well-being.”  At Pinamonti Wellness Center we’re all about fitness as a lifestyle and not just something you do from time to time by irregularly visiting the gym.

This month’s featured member has made fitness a part of his life for almost his entire life. It is an intrinsic part of his being. It is not a part-time thing he engages in from January 1st to  March 15th, only to stop after two and a half months because he lacked discipline to carry out a resolution he made while partying on New Year’s Eve. Nope. Fitness and being in shape is just a part of who he is.

And who is he?

Meet Mike Pace, this month’s featured member.

An active lifestyle has always been a part of Mike’s life. As a child he was influenced by his grandfather who was active and exercised regularly. Mike was acutely aware and impressed by his grandfather’s level of energy and strength and it motivated Mike to be active in sports.

Initially Mike’s activity was like that of any kid participating in school athletics. He participated in numerous sports including baseball and football and the activity from the each sport was certainly enough to keep a young boy in shape. Moving to the next level, working out and doing strength training, was actually born out of an accident. At the age of 12 Mike broke his arm playing baseball. Football season was just around the corner and he wanted to be ready for it as quickly as possible. He went into rehab which led to working out to increase his strength and improve his level of fitness. The rehab process introduced Mike to the next level of fitness, health, and wellness – working out – and he has embraced it ever since.

Motivation has never been a problem for Mike although what motivates him has changed through the years.  “My motivation early on was to be better at sports. Once we had children my motivation switched to being able to be active and do things that they liked to do.  I also wanted to set a good example for them. My motivation going forward is to be able to live an active lifestyle.”

When we opened Pinamonti Wellness Center almost four years ago, Mike was one of the first to join and, as a member, he had available to him everything a state of the art facility provides. Here, he could maintain an active lifestyle in numerous ways with every type of equipment, group fitness classes, and personal training available to him.

“Right now I’m focusing on strength training. One of the nice things about working out at Pinamonti is the availability of the classes. I’ve taken quite a few of them such as Fusion HIIT, Tabata, and MetCon.  I think that my cardio and core training have benefited me most since joining, plus the classes offered have helped with new ideas about ways to work out. Another benefit is that I’ve met a lot of new friends since joining.”

So while no longer a kid, and with changing priorities and needs that cover a wider gamut, here at Pinamonti he has found a facility that can cater to those needs and offer him the flexibility and variety to work out in any way that works best for him.

“I’ve worked out so long that it has become a habit for me and I try to get in 5 workout days a week  If I miss a workout I feel horrible. I’ve always made it a point to make working out a priority in my schedule.  Working out helps keep my energy level up and Pinamonti allows me to do so in a convenient manner. I’ve been friends with Brian for a long time and know how important working out is to him. I knew that he would put together a first class facility. We joined as soon as he opened up. I like that I can come and workout and get cleaned up for work just like if I was at home.”

And we like that Mike is a testament for wellness as a lifestyle and that we can be here for him to continue to make that happen.  Well done Mike.