So, what condition is your condition in? Three years ago, for Libby Smith, the answer would have been not that great, at least in terms of physicality. “I had some health problems and that led to the realization of just how out of shape and unhealthy I was. This led to my decision to change my lifestyle.”

Often times people who decide to make a lifestyle change make the mistake of going from 0 to 11 right from the start. This usually results in failure to maintain one’s change because unrealistic goals go unmet. Even worse, injury can result.  Libby chose the correct path, starting small and increasing her goals over time. “I started eating better and I started walking my dog 1 mile a day. After a few weeks I thought that if I can do 1 mile I can do 2! Eventually I was walking almost 4 miles a day 6 days a week. I lost 50 pounds in 2 years!”

Success breeds success and with each new goal that she met Libby was inspired. She challenged herself to go further. This eventually led to her joining Pinamonti Wellness Center. “I was at a crossroads and looking for something new to challenge myself. I took a tour and was intrigued by the technology and all of the different options for classes.”

Joining was a big step for Libby, especially as she was entering unfamiliar territory. Many people refuse to even consider joining a fitness center merely because it is something they are unfamiliar with.  But Libby took that step and embraced the facility and what it had to offer.  As a result, her success continued. “Three years ago I had never lifted a weight and couldn’t imagine stepping foot in a gym and now I am here six days a week and hate to leave!”  She also credits our certified Group Fitness Instructors and Trainers in helping challenging her and keeping her motivated. “It is easy to stay motivated when you have amazing trainers that motivate and push you! They know what you are capable of and push you to always do more! All of the staff is so helpful and friendly! I have made lifelong friends. It is very refreshing to workout with people who are so motivating and enjoy being active!

Still, her overall motivation is staying healthy.  “My motivation is my health. I am determined to not fail or let myself go back to where I started. I am constantly trying to find new ways to challenge myself. I love being challenged physically. Anything that makes me push myself harder is key because I love the feeling of accomplishing something I didn’t think I could do!”

Libby is an example of how incremental goals lead to progress, and she is the embodiment of how embracing change to stay interested and motivated is the best path to success.

Image above: Libby Smith at one of our TRX stations doing a squat and reach.