You read that right … members, as in plural. Three, to be exact. Why three? Because this past month we were involved in Technogym’s Let’s Move For A Better World Challenge and three of our members, Janson Robinson, Katie Swezey, and James Zimmerman, tied for first place, achieving the absolute maximum number of moves that could be earned, 38,000, which was no small feat. All three never missed a day, working out on the cardio equipment 7 days a week for the 19 days of the challenge. Their drive admirably represents our wellness center, their achievement an amazing testament to the type of people they are.

Contrary to current popular opinion, competition is a good thing. At its most elemental it is a part of survival. In a broader scope it can provide a way for participants to improve upon their current state and take them into higher levels of achievement. It is a positive force for change, a path toward improvement. It is effective in moving one toward a goal. Those who put forth maximum effort, who work harder than and achieve more than those they compete against, do something called “win”.

Competition acts as a catalyst to self-improvement. The Let’s Move Challenge took Janson, Katie, and James to a level beyond how they normally trained and beyond their initial reasons for joining the fitness center. Their original goals for joining varied from weight loss management and building core strength, to improving overall health allowing for a more active lifestyle, to getting in better shape so as to run a half-marathon.

During the challenge each broadened their goals as they found their overall conditioning had improved which in turn allowed them to do even more. Janson Robinson took it up a notch, using the competition to “…work toward increasing my lean muscle.” Increasing his effort had other benefits. “I found my mood definitely improved even more following a challenge training session.” Katie Swezey’s participation in the challenge saw her increase her overall strength, especially in her legs. She also has begun to rethink and raise her overall fitness goals in order to achieve more. In addition, she has discovered the benefits of using the MyWellness app.* And James Zimmerman saw the challenge result in the length and quality of his workouts improving. He has also added weight training to his regimen which has help him see his energy and endurance levels improve, as seen in his running 6 to 7 miles without any issues of fatigue or soreness afterward. Like the others he has seen weight loss and improved state of mind.

We call that a win all the way around. And for their dedication we honor and congratulate them with a free one-year extension to their memberships.

Well done James, Katie, and Janson!

* (By the way, a note to our readers, if you are not familiar with our app, ask us. It’s a great way to monitor and manage your workouts, and it’s free).