While our family membership offers great value for the money, its real value goes beyond that. In fact, our family membership’s greatest value is something money can’t buy.

Meet this month’s members of the month, the Hall family – Daron, Jenni, and their two children. Originally joining as a couple, Daron and Jenni, who have worked out their entire lives, were drawn to Pinamonti Wellness Center for its unparalleled facility and service offerings. However, once they saw that it provided opportunities for their children beyond their participation in organized sports by exposing them to the greater aspect of wellness that PWC embodies, they changed over to a family membership.

“The kids like to strength train and work on running and agility drills. We are gradually introducing them to new equipment so they can learn new exercises. We also teach our kids the importance of being healthy and the role that exercising has. They are learning about how to become better and stronger at their sports and activities, about nutrition, and more. We’re presenting a larger overall picture of what it means to be healthy. We want them to take this knowledge into adulthood!”

While teaching the children about the bigger picture is one thing, participating in, and reaping the benefits of that participation is what it’s really about.

Daron and Jenni try to work out individually half of each week and usually work out as a family at least twice a week. Family sessions offer motivation and encourage working out in ways they might not otherwise do.

“Working out as a family helps motivate us to go to the gym as it can make each of us go on days when we normally wouldn’t. In addition, a workout partner provides competition which furthers motivation. Working out together as a family allows us to push each other to different exercises.” For example, Jenni comes from a running/cardio backyard, and Daron’s background is in strength training. Now, there is more strength training in Jenni’s workouts now and more running/cardio in Daron’s.

For the Halls, working out as a family promotes togetherness, provides quality time together, and does so in a way that is both fun and good for them. They are an excellent example of the great benefits that Pinamonti Wellness Center’s family membership can provide.