Group Fitness Instructors

Lacy portrait

Lacy Mikrut

Instructs: Turbo Kick, Pure Strength, Fusion, Spin vs Strength

Certifications: ACE, Turbo Kick, Beachbody

Lacy instructs, and participates in, a wide array of fitness activities. She is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor who has instructed Turbo Kick for the past 5 years, as well as step-aerobics, and Kickboxing on the Bag.
And how does she rest after her hours of group fitness instruction? She engages in mixed martial arts, mountain hiking guide, and in the winter snowshoeing.

“Fitness is a lifestyle.  It’s my lifestyle.  Our bodies are a work of art and should be treated with dignity and respect.”

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Janice Jewett

Instructs: Active Aerobics

With over 35 years of instructing a variety of aerobics and toning classes, not to mention (which we’re going to do anyway) that she is currently a professor in the Health, Human Performance and Recreation Department at Pitt State University, Janice ranks as one of our most qualified instructors who instructs one of our most popular classes.  And if that were the extent of her credentials it would be impressive, but wait, there’s more.  Janice currently teaches the American Council on Exercise Certification materials for Group Fitness Instruction as well as Personal Training. She has taught fitness in the corporate setting, at colleges and universities, and for various recreation departments and commissions. In addition to her Doctorate she has multiple other degrees, so to say she is experienced is an understatement.

Janice’s take on fitness is that it should be enjoyable and fun and she instructs her Active Aerobics class with this in mind. Approaching it in this manner is what makes adopting a lifestyle of fitness more realistic and keeps one on track for the long term.

“I love the pure enjoyment of physical activity! That’s my number one motivation. If it is enjoyable then it doesn’t feel so much like exercise and is often described as fun. That’s what keeps people returning…it’s fun and they feel good doing the movement and even better after they’ve accomplished a workout!”

Jordan Voss

Instructs: Zumba Core

She describes herself as the “dance girl”, had her first dance class at the age of 4 and has been involved in dance ever since. So it should come as no surprise that Jordan Voss is our Zumba Core. instructor.

But she’s not instructing Zumba Core just because she likes to dance, she has some serious studies and certification to back it up. Of course she’s Zumba Certified, has instructed other various forms of dance based exercises classes, and has degrees in Science (with a Major in Biology and Chemistry and a Minor in Physical Science from our own Pitt State).

If you’re wondering how Zumba Core differs from Zumba it’s Jordan’s take on the class to expand upon and diversify the program’s benefits. The class consists of 45 minutes of Zumba mixed with Hip Hop and then 15 minutes of core work – planks, push-ups, ab work, squats, and kettle bell work for arms and shoulders.

It’s an all encompassing format to get the most out of those who participate. “One body. One mind. One heart. One soul. One life—all combined to create one YOU— a beautiful masterpiece. Honor that masterpiece & express your appreciation for it.”

“When the words fail, dance.”

Libby Smith

Libby Smith did not want to join a gym. Besides, she didn’t believe it was something she needed. She was in good enough shape and she felt great, or so she believed, and her assumption of what a “gym” facility would be like left a lot to be desired. But, after many of her friends who were corporate members extolled the advantages of Pinamonti Wellness Center it convinced her to tour our facility and when she did she was quite impressed. So impressed, in fact, that she joined right then and there.

So the woman who didn’t want to join a fitness facility, and who didn’t really want to work out, started to work out. And once she did, something happened.

It began with group fitness classes. “They have a great atmosphere and make me feel inspired,” she says. “They drew me in, made me want to be a part of them.” The more classes she took, the more she wanted. Her desire to participate grew and as she did she got into better and better shape. “I lost 20 lbs, of fat, built muscle, and have so much more energy than I’ve ever had.”

Later, she started working with Sunni Stipp, one of our certified trainers, and had such a great experience that it resulted in two things. First, she continued to get into even better shape. And second, she became so inspired that she decided she wanted to learn how to instruct others, to share with them what had become her passion, to teach the very classes she loved so much.

After discussing it with her trainer she took the necessary training and studied to get her ACE certification. And now, in addition to participating in group fitness classes, she also instructs them.

An inspiring story indeed, and it’s the reason that Libby Smith, ACE is our featured instructor this month.

“You don’t have to be the best, just be your best.”