One of great things about Technogym’s mywellness system, which we use at Pinamonti Wellness Center, is its flexibility. You can go all out and use the tech to the fullest, use only those parts that work best for you, or not even use it at all.

For Ed McKechnie the perfect system is having his fitness center exercises programmed onto his wellness system key as well as using the third party wearable device of his choice to automatically track his movement outside of the center. No personal trainer each visit, no classes, no tracking on a smartphone, none of that. He does his workouts in the way that works best for him.

“I go upstairs, walk, jog, and do sit-ups. Then I do the machines and end with a walk and jog. I like knowing I have my plan, that I can do it my way, and still be supported by the team at Pinamonti. That’s what works for me. That alone inspires me to continue my program. In addition, Janie and Brian motivate me with encouraging words.”

Encouraging is what the staff at Pinamonti is all about and from the moment Ed first toured the facility he knew he belonged.

“After a tour, it felt comfortable. I like the smiles at the front desk, the building is clean, lots of comfortable people focused on living better. It is not an intimidating atmosphere. Often, coaches who have always been fit forget how intimidating a gym can be. I feel good at Pinamonti.”

So, does Ed doing his program in his own way work?  In short, yes it does.

“My first goal was to stop gaining weight. I am down 35 pounds, feel better, sleep better, and work better. I believe I am a better person than I was when I started.”

As for Ed goals now, “My goal every day is to become a better person both physically and mentally.”

When asked what else he likes about Pinamonti Wellness Center Ed said, “It’s safe, clean, and a professionally operated fitness center. They have a good team to talk to about living a better life style. Brian and Janie will get you going and give you the help you need to make the progress you want.”

As for any advice he may have, Ed kept it simple and to the point – “Eat half as much, walk twice as much, and love the people who are in your life with your whole heart.”

We agree. And we thank Ed for being a part of Pinamonti Wellness Center. With members like him we are a better facility for it.