If you have followed us for any period of time, or ever heard Brian speak, you know that one of our tenets is that wellness is a LIFESTYLE, and that one must maintain CONSISTENCY for effectiveness. Consistently eating healthy and consistently working out are essential. You can not dabble in living a healthy life, you have to embrace it and live it all the time, and few people exemplify that more than one of our founding members, Dorothy Riggs.

How long has Dorothy been consistently working out, and why?  Well, in her own words, “Working out is a part of my life. I love it. With my first pregnancy, which was 52 years ago, I started walking because I knew it would be healthy for me. I soon realized I loved walking. It made me feel better, have more energy, and have a healthy attitude.”

Yes, you read that right, she has been consistently working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for 52 years, working out 4 to 5 times a week. In addition to walking Dorothy also works with weights. “About 25 years ago I was told I had a little bone loss, so I started working out with weights and had great improvement.”

When one gets in great shape it’s easy to become complacent and staying motivated can be difficult. We asked Dorothy what keeps her motivated. “Part of what motivates me is that I know I will feel better and that it will help me remain flexible, fit, and agile. I also focus on the benefits that my cardio exercises help my heart and lungs and make me feel better mentally and physically.”  In addition, the services that the club offers also help motivation.  “Sunni created a workout schedule for me that I use a lot.  I like her Pure Strength class and the Spin class.”

Dorothy could have worked out anywhere but she chose Pinamonti Wellness Center. “I like the equipment and the classes and appreciate that the facility is run professionally and has qualified and skilled trainers. It has a friendly atmosphere. And, it’s very clean.”

Thanks Dorothy.  We appreciate your membership and we admire your commitment and embracing a healthy lifestyle.  Keep up the great work!