What Is Delta?

Delta is a new and engaging program that takes you beyond your current fitness level utilizing technology guided workouts that maximize your results. Delta is dynamic, changing with you as you progress, pushing you beyond where you are and what you thought possible. It is the next step in helping you reach and expand your fitness goals.

How It Works

You begin by meeting with one of our certified personal trainers. You will discuss your goals, a physical assessment will be made, and your measurements and history taken. Based on these metrics your own personalized program will be created. Your trainer will review your program with you, give you an introduction and overview of the equipment you’ll use as well as demonstrate proper technique. In addition, the app always has video reference so you’re never without help.  Your workout will be programed into the app and you’ll be given a tutorial on how to use it. Then, your program begins – four intense weeks, five days a week.  After four weeks your progress is reviewed and the process begins anew. 

Delta’s Four Categories

Whether you are just starting out, looking to tone, seek to build up, or are at a point in your life where you want a structured program to maintain, Delta has a category for you. Within each of these four categories your workouts will include a variety of styles such as supersets, circuit interval training, combination exercises, as well as isometrics.

Delta Focus

Delta Focus is our advanced category, designed to build endurance, strength, cardio conditioning, and boost energy levels and metabolism.  The program is comprised mainly of HIIT conditioning, strength, and cardio exercises.

Delta Refine

You’ll get plenty of use of our state of the art Technogym equipment, bands, and yoga one or more times a week. Delta Refine centers on flexibility and tone utilizing a holistic approach to maintaining health and wellness. It is optimal for lengthening muscles and improving range of motion. Delta Refine is the ultimate preventative maintenance for your body.

Delta Thrive

Delta Thrive is oriented toward weight loss and general strengthening. Thrive involves cardio work on the Technogym Treadmill, Vario, and Bike equipment. In addition you’ll work out on the track as well as perform calisthenic type supersets. Thrive also involves participation in an Express class at least one time per week.

Delta Fit For Life

Delta Fit for Life is a structured, high intensity program.  It focuses on conditioning, strength, and cardio exercises that are tailored to the active adult with a sub-emphasis on injury prevention.

Join Delta and Join The Movement

With Delta you can not only heighten your fitness goals, you can improve your life. Get your customized Delta workout and achieve more than you thought possible. Delta requires a lot from you but also gives you a lot in return. You can do this!

For more information email our Delta Program Director to learn how Delta can work for you.
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