Sunni’s Surgical Adventure

Previously on “Sunni’s Shoulder Surgery and Recovery”, a title which isn’t as alliterative as we would have liked, but it will do … an old high school injury had finally caught up with Sunni and required surgery. “I was having a lot of popping and grinding and pain. It caused me to overcompensate any [...]

Goodbye 215, Hello 180

(Last month member Quentin Turner wrote to us to share his experience that led to his making a lifestyle change and making Pinamonti Wellness Center a part of it. We liked his letter so much that we made it this month’s blog piece and Quentin our Featured Member of the Month. Way to go Quentin!) I’m [...]

Put In The Work

Working out is no different than life. In fact they are one in the same. If you are not willing to Put In The Work then you will never achieve the results you desire. How many times have you admired someone's physique or maybe how successful they are? We all have done this. We may [...]

For TJ Barnow, There’s Getting In Shape, Plus a Greater Motivation

Back when we were teens and in high school being thin was not something we really had to work at. With metabolisms that functioned, seemingly in overdrive all of the time, we could pretty much eat what we wanted and it wasn’t usually an issue as far as weight and overall heath were concerned (not counting acne, [...]

Andy White Goes From Hobby To Consistency – Gets Results

On Jan 1 2014, like millions of others, Andy White made a new year’s resolution to get into shape. On January 2nd he, like millions of others, learned just how out of shape he was. “I went to the track for a run … and after one lap I thought I was literally going to [...]

Dorothy Riggs Exemplifies Wellness as Lifestyle

If you have followed us for any period of time, or ever heard Brian speak, you know that one of our tenets is that wellness is a LIFESTYLE, and that one must maintain CONSISTENCY for effectiveness. Consistently eating healthy and consistently working out are essential. You can not dabble in living a healthy life, you [...]

Stella Hastings Changed Her Goal And Changed Her Life

Her “before and after” pictures show considerable weight loss and strength gain, but Stella Hastings’ real strength goes far beyond what you see in these pictures. If one were to look for the personification of dedication, resolve, and discipline … Stella would be it. But it wasn’t always that way. “I had yo-yo'd so many [...]

Dan Dunbar Has Lost 85 lbs. So Far

With his workout and training program Dan Dunbar has lost 85 pounds so far, almost at his goal of losing 100 pounds. An impressive achievement to be sure but Dan’s story is even more impressive when one considers the obstacles he had to overcome to get there. Just 14 months ago Dan started having intense [...]

Fit For Life

Every January millions of people make the resolution to improve their health either by exercise, diet changes, or both. I often hear people say, “This is the year I’ll lose 20 pounds!  This is the year I’ll exercise 3 times per week!  This is the year I’ll eat better!”  The list goes on and on [...]